Rudy Fraser Founder | Technical Architect | Organizer


soak di meat in water, wit(h) vinega(r) or lemon juice.

fo(r) di meat, allyuh can use anyt(h)ing tough

tough like Christmas times. tough like New Years times

tough like dem times deh.

pour a little bit of oil in di pot, just enough to braze di meat.

remember dem times? remember dis auntie an(d) dat uncle?

remember one present at midnight? jus(t) one present at midnight?

yes child, don’(t) vex me, jus(t) one present at midnight?

weh dem deh? weh dem deh, now?

now is your vegetables an(d) t(h)ings:

onion, thyme, brown sugar, cinnamon, salt, clove, garlic

an(d) cassareep, an(d) wiri wiri peppers

or scotch bonnet if you prefer

remember dem times in Keema’s yard

wit(h) a cordless phone an(d) a calling card

waiting for a ring

waiting like,

waiting for the pepperpot to finish

waiting like,

it’s been t(h)ree hours an(d) it still nuh finish

waiting like,

it’s been 10 years and I’m still waiting right

by the phone.